As a comedian, I was in the (show) business of telling stories (often my own self-indulgent ones, admittedly) and now I’m in the business of telling yours.


Your Brand, your business, your products have ‘stories’ to tell. .

Tell Them

The questions are – what are those stories, who do you need to tell them to, and how are you going to tell them?


Most importantly, just as my audiences needed to emotionally connect to my material to laugh at my routine, your ‘audience’ needs to connect to your messages to form an ongoing relationship with your brand.



The Seriously Funny Approach

The Seriously Funny approach is a collaborative process that empowers business owners to contribute their own thoughts and ideas, which are then injected into the campaign, and moulded into something solid and strategic.



The initial focus is on establishing exactly WHAT the message of any campaign is, before then establishing HOW best to deliver that message. Before turning our attention to the marketing mix, the delivery, the channels, we need to really understand (i) what the messages are (your stories), and (ii) what the clear objectives of delivering those message are.


Crucial to the Seriously Funny approach is the belief that the key is to ensure an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to any brand, product and communications.


Any documents produced will be non‐complicated and accessible. They will be ’live’ tools that are constantly used because they are easy to understand and navigate ‐ not anything complicated, that end up gathering dust because they are too hard to integrate into the day to day operations of the business.


To ensure I’m not a billable-hours-grab-n-go consultant, I spend a significant amount of time working from within your business. That enables you to have direct access to me both face to face, and over the rest of the week – the best of both worlds! If you don’t already have one, then Seriously Funny is like a ‘Clayton’s Marketing Manager’ – the Marketing Manager you have when you don’t have a Marketing Manager.


Cups of Coffee


Emails Today


Briefs Written 


Winning Ideas



Sure, I’ve done it. I’m doing it. With other businesses. I could put their logos here if I wanted to. Maybe I will.

If I did, I’d probably feature companies like Dome Coffees, Scoopon, Atmos Foods, Timpano Legal, Croissant Express, Western Integrated Health, The Dutch Butcher, Lapa Brazilian Barbecue, Aroma Coffees, Sweetlips, John Street Cafe, Megatix, Concept Music and Miami Bakehouse.

I’d most likely feature Brand Identity Development, and highlight engaging content that I’ve recently created … some videos, imagery, some print, a fair bit of social media. It would all tell a clear story, building a strong emotional connection with the brands.

For now though, the question to ask isn’t ‘what has he done and who has he done it for’, it’s ‘what do I need and what can he do for me’ – so let’s start there.


The Seriously Funny Team

In this case there IS an I in team, because, well, the team is me … to start with.

Once we get started, I then assemble the rest of the team, contacts I’ve made over the past few decades … building the right group of people for your specific needs.

Think of it as a flexible and fluid Dream Team, or a Prime Minister’s Freelance 11 if you prefer, that is tailor-made for each client and each project.

Depending on the needs of your business you might have Seriously Funny as the liaison between your existing Marketing Manager and external resources, or you might opt for the ‘Seriously Funny Clayton’s Marketing Manager’ as described in The Seriously Funny Approach.

Someone Clever

Someone Clever

Clever Person
Todd Shilkin

Todd Shilkin

Seriously Funny
Someone Techie

Someone Techie

Techie Person
Someone Clever

Someone Clever

Clever Person
Todd Shilkin

Todd Shilkin

Seriously Funny
Someone Techie

Someone Techie

Techie Person


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